For the history buffs….

So, by history I mean Lori’s history.  I live in Lawrence, KS right now.  I’ve been here for more than half of my life (gulp).  I am often torn between home (New Mexico) and home (Kansas).  I have an especially hard time leaving “home” to go “home.”  You still with me?  I still have friends that ask me all the time, WHY (in a derogetory way)???  I also have other friends that still ask, HOW (in an inquisitive, not derogetory way lol)???

So, I guess the question is, “how did this Navajo, high-desert deweller end up at sea-level in middle of America where grass grows in the cracks in the street?”

When I was asked a while ago to write something that could express what my journey to Kansas has been like, it came out a little like this:


At 17, I imagined myself on top of an open mesa
The world at the tip of my toes
The wind begging to help me take flight
Promising to hold me high and carry me far…

Far          far            far away…I went…

I came to rest in the lush green rolling hills of the Midwest
A place that yearned to be called my “home”
A place that swathed me in warm wet air
A place anxious to help mold me into something magnificent
A place that held me captive by the roots that took quickly to the fertile soil

A new home…far from the ancestors that raced the prairies to visit me each morning

A new life…a fresh beginning…so, so long ago

Today, I stand at the peak of my mountain
Facing into my future
Hands on hips
Feet firmly planted
Not swaying one bit

From time to time, I turn and peer down through squinted eyes
I see my path…the journey so far…
It’s twisted, crooked
Backtracking and looping
And so narrow…and thin that sometimes it disappears
…and I smile.

Sometimes I chuckle remembering where I’ve been
Yet, always thankful
for the people I’ve met
for the experiences that have shaped me.
But…always most thankful to my ancestors who traveled so far from home
To journey with me, side-by-side
Making sure I wouldn’t forget…
My history, my creation, my destiny.


baby, baby

This week I have the privilege of basking in the company of my niece.  She commands googly attention.  She demands ooohs and aaahs.  She insists on kisses and belly razzies.

and I humbly oblige.

As I sit and stare at her in amazement…with a somewhat silly smirk on my face…I am reminded of just how magical babies are.  Magic in the sense that she is full of wonder…and magic in the sense that they seem to enjoy an invisible world of their own…and magic in the sense that they have the power to stop, even the toughest of chaps, in their tracks and reduce them into baby-talking fools.

A while back I wrote a short piece about the wonder we call babies…..


First, a gasp, and then a cry-

We slip into this world cold and scared;

Searching for the familiar.

We listen in trembling awe to the crystal clear voices of

our mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings.

We emerge prepared for the long journey ahead.

Armed with an incomprehensible knowledge;

Able to see beyond the veil to what was, what is and what is to come.

And for a short time, sleepy giggles and baby dreams are proof

That we have a lifeline to that familiar preexistence.

Ever gently, we are weaned from our angelic comforters as we slowly come into our own.

We are great souls tucked inside tiny, delicate bodies.

Strong, determined minds lost amid unruly limbs.

Our bodies labor to catch up to our ever emergent minds;

Desperately seeking to comprehend a new world with an unsullied curiosity and fascination.

We sanguinely search for the keys to unlock our precious pre-seeded knowledge-

Like an enigma that will hold us captive for the remainder of our earthly days.

Why, hello there

Lori's thought process.

It’s a new day.  A new blog.  New ideas.

I’m fortunate that you have stopped by my humble little corner of the web.  I’ll promise to keep you entertained, baffled and amazed all at once. 

Well…wait a minute.  Let’s clarify.  More than likely you’ll be mostly baffled…I’ll be quite entertaining…and there will be times when you’ll leave just amazed at the experience.

Yes…that sounds much better.

So, with that….onward blog…………………….

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