baby, baby

This week I have the priviledge of basking in the company of my niece.  She commands googly attention.  She demands ooohs and aaahs.  She insists on kisses and belly razzies.

and I humbly oblige.

As I sit and stare at her in amazement…with a somewhat silly smirk on my face…I am reminded of just how magical babies are.  Magic in the sense that she is full of wonder…and magic in the sense that they seem to enjoy an invisible world of their own…and magic in the sense that they have the power to stop, even the toughest of chaps, in their tracks and reduce them i

A while back I wrote a short piece about the wonder we call babies…..


First, a gasp, and then a cry-

We slip into this world cold and scared;

Searching for the familiar.

We listen in trembling awe to the crystal clear voices of

our mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings.

We emerge prepared for the long journey ahead.

Armed with an incomprehensible knowledge;

we are able to see beyond the veil to what was, what is and what is to come.

And for a short time, sleepy giggles and baby dreams are proof

that we have a lifeline to that familiar preexistence.

Ever gently, we are weaned from our angelic comforters as we slowly come into our own.

We are great souls tucked inside tiny, delicate bodies.

Strong, determined minds lost amid unruly limbs.

Our bodies labor to catch up to our ever emergent minds;

desperately seeking to comprehend a new world with an unsullied curiosity and fascination.

We sanguinely search for the keys to unlock our precious pre-seeded knowledge-

like an enigma that will hold us captive for the remainder of our earthly days.


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