I went for a drive one summer evening in New Mexico.  As I drove, I killed a million mice in the attic of my mind.  Yet, the same thoughts kept me captive.  I revisited memories of a few good friends, but no one in particular.  Just this mental collage of  “thems” and “theys.”

They push and pull through life.  They painfully grind through the silky fabric of their existence.  As I drove along, I felt an overwhelming urge to tell them…be…just be.

I understood this to mean:

There is no need to make life fit into your skewed little box, with all the rules that box you in and keep contentment out.  It’s OK to just let go of the control…and let it be.

For me, just the thought of such action created such a euphoric feeling…so free…so limitless…so happy.

What was interesting was in that moment of non-judgement of myself, I realized that that very lesson was actually…for me.


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That's What Meezy Said

We are all time-travelers. Sort of. Not in the cool “let’s go to the future and fly to neptune in an invisible space car” kind of way, but in a more quantum-ly anxious, control freak kind of way. I spend a lot of time on facebook, like everyone else, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I connected some dots.

You see, recently I’ve been in an inspirational funk. Unable to shake it with my usual suicide workout approach, I simply decided to suck it up and roll with it. I retreated to my mind, where I thought I could somehow conjure up some of my own good vibes to keep myself going, but that didn’t work. Instead, I found myself on facebook, thinking “Wow, that looks like so much fun, it would be cool if I could do that too, why don’t I ever get to do that kind of…

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ROF…minus the L, until now….

My kiddo and her friend were talking about fainting earlier this evening. They asked me if I had ever fainted. I said, “Yup, but only once.”

When I was 12 or so, we lived in the north valley in Albuquerque. It was an awesome little New Mexican style house with arched doorways, built-in bookshelves and no air conditioning! During the summer, me and my little sisters used to sleep in the living room with the front door open. We had a “retro” screen door that was half screen mesh and half tin…at least it sounded tin when we kicked it. It let the cool desert air in and the kept all the wild things contained, like me, my sisters and our cats.

One night, we were sleeping on the floor on a little pallet of blankets and sheets. In the middle of my blissful REM sleep, I heard the screams of our cat outside. Being the instinctual animal caretaker I am, I jumped out of my bed and in one swift move, began running to the door. But, as I ran the world began to spin sideways. I remember the sounds going away and grey speckles taking over my vision….and then….black.

I had fainted.

I had also fainted amidst full momentum towards the tin screen door. Meaning that my body continued to travel at the same “momentous” speed until I slammed into the door!

I awoke in a jumbled mess at the corner of the screen tin and our wooden front door. The horrid sound I made when I landed woke the whole house! My dad found me and kept asking if I was ok.

I had no idea what had happened. I wasn’t hurt. I couldn’t even explain what I was doing on the floor! What makes it even more hilarious is that I don’t even think my cat was outside.

A little dazed and confused, I simply crawled back to my bed and went back to sleep.

Why, hello there

Lori's thought process.

It’s a new day.  A new blog.  New ideas.

I’m fortunate that you have stopped by my humble little corner of the web.  I’ll promise to keep you entertained, baffled and amazed all at once. 

Well…wait a minute.  Let’s clarify.  More than likely you’ll be mostly baffled…I’ll be quite entertaining…and there will be times when you’ll leave just amazed at the experience.

Yes…that sounds much better.

So, with that….onward blog…………………….

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